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Become an Accredited DISC Consultant                   

Join successful Accredited Extended DISC Consultants worldwide. Our training courses in Extended DISC® and FinxS give you the confidence to help people and businesses grow. Learn to unlock the full potential of the FinxS Online Platform and Extended DISC® reports with training in the Extended DISC® model.

As the Master Distributor of FinxS and Extended DISC® products in Australasia, we are the only authorised providers of Accredited Extended DISC Master Training in Australasia. We offer a fantastic course run by experienced facilitators that have their finger on the pulse and use the products everyday.


Training Dates for 2018

Date Location     Course
21st February 2018   Auckland    Level 1 - Accredited Practitioner Workshop (1 day)
13th March 2018 Dunedin   Level 1 - Accredited Practitioner Workshop (1 day)
5th April & 29th May 2018         Auckland   Level 2 - Accredited Consultant Workshop (2 day)
10th April 2018 Sydney   Level 1 - Accredited Practitioner Workshop (1 day)
1 May 2018 Auckland   Level 1 - Accredited Practitioner Workshop (1 day) 
22nd May 2018 Melbourne     Level 1 - Accredited Practitioner Workshop (1 day) 
11th June 2018 Brisbane   Level 1 - Accredited Practitioner Workshop (1 day)

Level 1: Accredited Practitioner Workshop (One Day) 

Spend a full day covering the background of the Extended DISC® model of human behaviour and exploring the four main behavioural styles and combinations. We look closely at the strengths and development areas of the four main DISC style behaviours. You will gain an understanding of how people are motivated; approach tasks and goals; experience stress; and are likely to communicate at work. This full day course will also explain how to debrief the Extended DISC Profiles and the diamond, and identify important ‘emotions’ seen in graphs though the 10 special cases. You will also learn about why Extended DISC®profiling is so commonly applied in the business environment and how easy the FinxS platform is to use in administering reports for yourself or for a client.

You will gain: 

  • An internationally recognised qualification in the worlds most advanced psychometric system
  • Free psychometric test
  • Free User Guide Manual - full with simple instructions to navigate the FinxS Online Platform, case studies and much more
  • Access to our VIP Area
  • Excellent phone and email customer service with speedy response times to help you get the most out of FinxS and Extended DISC
  • Value added tools to optimise individual, team and organisational performance

Auckland Practitioner 21st February 2018 from 9am to 5pm 

Facilitated by Kelly Fairhurst (General Manager)

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Level 2: Accredited Consultant Training (Two Days)             

A jam packed and fun-filled course, learning about Behavioural Styles. We look at strengths and weaknesses, causes of stress, motivators, communication challenges, approaches to others etc. and how these relate to both our performance success and satisfaction.

Extended DISC® theory helps us understand how our Behavioural Style Profiles (‘Natural’ and ‘Adjusted’) are created, graphed and mapped on the Extended DISC® and Flexibility Diamonds.

Learn about unique team roles and the dynamics of communication at an interpersonal and organisational level. Practice recognising and analysing behavioural shifts, with reliable data and easy-to-read psychometric reports.

At the conclusion of the course you will have a comprehensive understanding of Behavioural Styles. You will have all you need to 'debrief' a Behavioural Analysis (or Personal Analysis) Report confidently, use data to help delve into how individuals see themselves and their world, and to offer crucial insights into behaviour that enable people to improve their job performance and satisfaction.

  • One-off competitive training course fee
  • No ongoing training fees or minimum product use requirements
  • Opportunity as a consultant, to provide 'added value' to your clients with up to date tools and skills
  • An internationally recognised Certificate of Accreditation (allowing you to advertise your level of Extended DISC® knowledge and conduct your own Introductory Training Course).
  • FREE VIP website access (containing great technical support material and further resources).
  • Quick set up and ability to start using reports at the touch of a button
  • Fun, interactive and informal learning setting


Auckland Consultant 5th April & 29th May 2018 from 9am to 5pm

Facilitated by Becky Carr (Australasian Training Manager)

BOOK NOW Places are limited so book now to secure yours! 

Level 2: Advanced Debrief – Individual Reports

This is a special half day workshop for people who have done the 2-day Accreditation Training. You will delve deeper into interpreting the Profiles and gain a good understanding the ten 'Special Cases'. You will learn to look at how these link to certain behaviours and can be approached in the report debrief. You will be looking at and feel confident to interpret and utilise the Extended DISC® diamond in debriefing and link in-depth behaviours of the styles to their avoidance issues.              

Level 3: Certified Advanced Consultant Course and Certified Master Trainer Course                         

These training courses are especially designed for consultants and suitably experienced Extended DISC® practitioners who want to further their knowledge of the theory and use of Extended DISC® model of human behaviour and the FinxS platform. This adds great depth to the interpretation of the reports and added value to their clients. There is also the opportunity for Master Trainers to offer Accreditation Training Courses as part of their own independent businesses and within their extended area of expertise.

In order to maintain the highest training standards, there are strict prerequisites and ongoing requirements for achieving and maintaining Advanced Consultant and Master Trainer status.

HR Profiling Solutions is the only authorised provider of Accredited Master Training in Australasia.

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It was extremely important to have an accurate, comprehensive and robust report yet at the same time a report that could easily be interpreted and read by my clients. I required a product with broader capability to be able to assess executive teams and the behavioural dynamics of those teams.

In the Extended DISC Suite I found all of my requirements and more, enabling me to expand the range of services offered to clients and conduct more comprehensive assessments.
Crewe Sharp Career Bridge Graham Nicholls - Managing Director
Our goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to keep their best and brightest motivated and make the most of their strengths
Extended DISC International Jukka Sappinen
Our goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to keep their best and brightest motivated and make the most of their strengths
Extended DISC International Jukka Sappinen