Using the Extended DISC® can make us a more efficient company and a better place to work.

Abbott Laboratories

Cathe Johnson, Ph.D. - Director Diagnostics Division, Asia Pacific Human Resources.

Using DISC has been both worthwhile and positive.

I was very sceptical, but once you had presented how it works and what it could potentially deliver to our business, I took it on board with an open mind and the results have been very encouraging.

From the reports, I highlighted two very key areas in our business that weren’t functioning correctly and the main reason was the lack of understanding I had in dealing with those individuals.

I started to work with them in a completely different way and the turn-around has been awesome, to the point that I have moved these certain individuals into different roles, again these were strengths highlighted from the DISC reports. I also employed an individual, as the report clearly indicated that the person concerned would fit into our culture, and that has been proven through the results delivered from this person.

More businesses should take on this approach.

Albany Toyota

Jerry Delaney - GM, Aftersales

I enjoyed the DISC identification of individual styles and predict that the Extended DISC and FinxS suite will be utilised in our business with great enthusiasm as we expand. Fantastic presenter ***** (5-stars)


Brandon Schatz - Business Developer

I loved the new look training images and presentation. Thanks for an excellent, informative and well communicated session.


Jenne von Pein - Commercial Manager

Wow! Didn’t expect for such valuable information to be extracted and I’ve done other tests in the past, but nothing as accurate as this one. I feel like someone has broken into my house, except for I gave them the key. I am still amazed, this is really unbelievable.

Detection Services

Perlita Ateva

Finally, assessments that provide results for behavioural change - not just analysis reports. Extended DISC® assessments are pragmatic, concise and easy-to-use. They provide a practical model that improves individual, team and organisational performance.

Dr Marshall Goldsmith

'One of the World's Top Consultants' HR Magazine

I of course deal with many suppliers and can safely say none of which are as responsive, accommodating and just purely helpful as you guys. It really is a pleasure working with you. The way you cover each other in the same helpful manner is a joy to behold. You and your service are fantastic. I look forward to many more years working with you. You just could not have a higher advocate. All the very best - both in your business and personal life.

Eclat People Solutions


John Lane-Smith

Well done! Great facilitator. I enjoyed being able to view and understand real profiles. Assessing my own EDISC was both reinforcing and enlightening.


Eugene Moreau - Business Facilitator

I enjoyed everything about the Introductory course, as I've never had training on this topic before today. Excellent delivery!


Teremaki Temu - Facilitator

We use HR Profiling Solutions exclusively for the psychometric profiling of all of our staffing candidates.
I would describe their customer support as outstanding in their field. They are always very quick to respond to enquiries with a real sense of urgency.
When required they work patiently with me ensuring that I have a complete understanding of the reported information. Their support combined with the quality of the tools they provide have added considerable value to the accuracy and integrity of our recruitment programme.

Enterprise Recruitment

Steve Martin

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