S Style

How to Identify an 'S' Style

  • Answers when asked and doesn’t interject
  • Talks calmly and logically
  • Talks about issues they’ve mastered
  • Focus on the negative and subdues excitement.
  • Sees a variety of viewpoints.
  • Focuses on the message but can resist if message suggests change.
  • Engages fully, actively pays attention - a patient and empathetic listener.
  • Communication in one direction – they listen.
  • Doesn’t tend to offer a lot of feedback
  • If you interrupt they stop talking
  • Not overly animated
  • Often a good instructor as they’re patient
  • Prefers to talk one-to-one (not large groups)
  • May nod - even when disagreeing.
Celebrity S Styles: Tom Cruise and Princess Diana

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