These Newsletters are a valuable resource for Australasian businesses (and have been so for a decade!). They contain keys to understanding how FinxS and Extended DISC products are utilised to enhance the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. They also keep you up to date with the latest developments in the FinxS system and are a vital link between us and our clients.

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Latest Newsletters

Newsletter June 2017 Newsletter June 2017 (146 KB)
This month we launch our Assessment Suite for Recruitment. Read on for details of our Recruitment offering.

Newsletter May 2017 Newsletter May 2017 (157 KB)
WE ARE MOVING, read on for more details. In this newsletter, we also introduce our Open 360 Pack, which comes free with any Open 360 purchase.

Newsletter April 2017 Newsletter April 2017 (133 KB)
This month we launch our Psychometric Assessment Suite for Sports! We re-launch our improved VIP Pages. We also farewell our Training Manager Becky.

Newsletter March 2017 Newsletter March 2017 (370 KB)
Communication is an important aspect of any Team or Business. Read this months newsletter for more information about our NEW Psychometric Tests for effective communication. We also celebrate the re-launch of our blog page!

Newsletter February 2017 Newsletter February 2017 (120 KB)
This month we farewell a valued member of our Team, and welcome another.

Newsletter Janurary 2017 Newsletter Janurary 2017 (159 KB)

Newsletter December 2016 Newsletter December 2016 (249 KB)
Traditionally, at this time of the year, employers seem to review their staff requirements and consider staffing levels. Likewise team members consider their roles and of course school and university leavers consider career choices. So we have a case study to share with you on the use of Extended DISC and customised FinxS reports in recruitment and take a closer look at our career focused Student Guide.

Newsletter November 2016 Newsletter November 2016 (274 KB)
In this newsletter we look at using Behavioural Assessments in training and provide some information about our Student, Tutor and Career Reports

Newsletter October 2016 Newsletter October 2016 (158 KB)
In this newsletter we look at using Extended DISC with sports teams and learn more about Open Preview in FinxS.

Newsletter September 2016 Newsletter September 2016 (288 KB)
In this newsletter we look at a case study about minimising the number of dissatisfied employees. We also look at the National Stress Indicator from Extended DISC International.

Newsletter August 2016 Newsletter August 2016 (232 KB)
In this newsletter we look at a case study that demonstrates the importance of understanding communication and behavioural styles and look at the global distribution of DISC by Age Group, comparing 2013 with 2015

Newsletter July 2016 Newsletter July 2016 (291 KB)
In this newsletter we look at a real life case study of recruiting without using behavioural assessments and we have a look at some stats from the 2015 Validation Study.

Newsletter June 2016 Newsletter June 2016 (135 KB)
In this newsletter we look at Identifying emotional issues in Behavioural Reports and some of the reasons candidates may question their report.

Newsletter May 2016 Newsletter May 2016 (172 KB)
In this newsletter we look at just a few of the special features that differentiate EDISC methodology from other four quadrant models. We are at Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference at the SKYCITY Convention Centre on 25th & 26th May promoting our Health & Safety reports, more information is detailed in this newsletter.

Newsletter April 2016 Newsletter April 2016 (188 KB)
In this newsletter we look at a case study that demonstrates just how perceptive the reports really are and just how insightful they can be if fully understood. The outcome, without obtaining a behavioural report, could have been disastrous. We also take a look at our Health and Safety reports.

Newsletter March 2016 Newsletter March 2016 (114 KB)
This month we look at a case study that demonstrates the importance of using behavioural reports in recruitment and introduce Basic FinxS as a new option for first time FinxS users.

Newsletter February 2016 Newsletter February 2016 (145 KB)
In this newsletter we have reprinted an article about pressure written by our longstanding friend and associate, Markku Kaupinen, the President of Extended DISC North America. We also launch our new Health and Safety System.

Newsletter January 2016 Newsletter January 2016 (108 KB)
In this newsletter we look at whether cultural differences influenced the outcome of Behavioural Reports and have a brief look at FinxS Team reports

Newsletter December 2015 Newsletter December 2015 (120 KB)
This month we have an article written by Bruce Cotterill called "Lessons in leadership from the All Blacks". We also briefly introduce our Health and Safety reports

Newsletter November 2015 Newsletter November 2015 (182 KB)
In this newsletter we have a case study about workplace stress and review the signs of stress in the different behavioural styles

Newsletter October 2015 Newsletter October 2015 (137 KB)
In this newsletter we introduce Executive FinxS and we look at a case study about poor management or poor recruitment.

Newsletter September 2015 Newsletter September 2015 (116 KB)
In this newsletter we look at how a FinxS Team Report helped a dysfunctional sales team and we provide some information about Invalid Reports

Newsletter August 2015 Newsletter August 2015 (173 KB)
In this newsletter we look at how using behavioural reports helped solve a communication issue in a legal firm and using Tip Groups in reports

Newsletter July 2015 Newsletter July 2015 (165 KB)
In this newsletter the case study looks at how an accounting firm almost lost a client and we review how behavioural trends are changing

Newsletter June 2015 Newsletter June 2015 (151 KB)
In this newsletter we look how a coach was hired to help an employee improve their performance and the interesting Test/Retest Validation for Australasia

Newsletter May 2015 Newsletter May 2015 (115 KB)
In this newsletter we review how a psychometric test could have saved a costly HR mistake by finding the right person for the right role and we introduce FinxS Tip Groups, a new update to FinxS reports

Newsletter April 2015 Newsletter April 2015 (121 KB)
In this newsletter the case study looks at understanding reasons for the changes in a candidate’s behavioural reports completed at different times and we review what style of Manager produces the most engaged and productive employee

Newsletter March 2015 Newsletter March 2015 (142 KB)
In this newsletter we review the importance of understanding a going concern’s personnel before the purchase of a business (due diligence process) and we look at the FinxS tailored Vocational Aptitude Reports

Newsletter February 2015 Newsletter February 2015 (433 KB)
In this newsletter we look at how the FinxS Platform produces integrated diagnostic reports for Consultants and the new FinxS Work Pair Analysis Reports

Newsletter January 2015 Newsletter January 2015 (138 KB)
In this newsletter the case study reviews using Extended DISC / FinxS Psychometric reports in effective Job Fit and when a bigger report is not always better

Wow! Didn’t expect for such valuable information to be extracted.
Perlita Ateva
Outstanding from a position of unfamiliarity with EDISC, I now feel confident in using the tool in my consulting practice. An amazing instructor with expert knowledge in how to use EDISC. As an experience facilitator myself, I rate Becky as one of the best facilitators I've come across.
Shine People Consulting Denise Hartley-Wilkins
I enjoyed the DISC identification of individual styles.
Brandon Schatz - Business Developer

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