Team Behavioural Analysis

Understanding how individuals work together as a team

FinxS Team Behavioural Analysis combines individual Behavioural Analysis into one targeted report. Gain new insights into the dynamics between members with concrete data and discuss challenging topics relating directly to job performance and team development.

Gain insight into what people might be avoiding and where they might by experiencing the greatest areas of stress. Find key strengths and motivators. Many clients use team analyses to improve communication and make informed, positive moves towards resolving underlying conflict. They also find team analysis an essential tool in assessing how effectively communication is flowing to and from the management level.

What does a Team Analysis report look like?


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Our targeted Team Behavioural Analysis report combines data from individual Behavioural Analysis reports and gives new, informative graphics that help you decipher the dynamics of your team.

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of an existing team
  • Look at how communication and performance may be improved between team members
  • Find gaps in team roles so you can target your recruitment search
  • Understand where individual's might benefit from training or coaching
  • Find potential team leaders

What is in a Team Report?

  • Clear, easy-to-use graphic for helping understanding complex issues
  • Descriptive text, profile graphs and a team mapped on the
    Extended DISC Diamond.
  • Each individual’s ‘natural’ and ‘adjusted’ behavioural styles shown
    in Profile I and II
  • A designated team role for each individual e.g. Participator, Developer 
  • Worksheet open questions and areas for reflection and goal setting.
  • Compares team member’s behavioural style relating to a range of management, people and administrative competencies.

Team Behavioural Analysis Process

Complete Behavioural Analysis reports for everyone
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When we were introduced to Extended DISC®, we were so impressed that we made it the primary tool in our consulting and training.
University Associates, Inc. Jack L. Knight - President/CEO

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