Surveys are an online questionnaire designed to collect specific information from a target or large group

The flexibility of the online platform FinxS, allows you to create customised surveys to suit your specific business needs, from employee engagement to climate surveys. Alternatively, you can get off the ground quickly using one of our pre-designed Climate, Employee Engagement, or Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Surveys are ideal for collecting information from a target or large group.         

The questionnaire collects individual opinions objectively and organises them in ways that best fit your needs. They can be designed to understand a specific team’s strengths, opportunities and development areas.

Choose from one of our pre-designed surveys such as the:
  • Climate Survey to get information on the culture of your organisation as a whole.
  • Employee Engagement to understand the extent to which employees are dedicated to and feel passionate about their role and organisation.
  • Customer Satisfaction to find out if your products and services meet or surpass customer expectation.
Alternatively, custom-build a Survey that gives valuable insight into your specific business needs:
  • Employee satisfaction and /or feedback
  • Customer or market research
  • Customer service feedback
  • Team management and alignment

Surveys are flexible and can include:

The Surveys report contains clear graphical representation of results (tables and various graphs) so you can analyse and compare data. You have the power to select various results on screen or print them out.

FinxS allows you the flexibility choose how to present results - results that best answer your questions. Responses can be grouped by organisational division (e.g. what do sales staff think vs what management think) or viewed individually.

  • Various questions types are available i.e. Likert Scale, open-ended, multiple-choice, single-choice, rating, condition, open-scale.
  • Unlimited number of questions and question groups.
  • Optional invitation, reminder and thank you emails sent automatically to respondents.
  • Unlimited response groups and respondents 

Surveys Process

Create an account
Design a questionnaire or use ours
Automatic invites and reminders sent
Generate Surveys Report

In the Introductory course, we really enjoyed the examples of people and the ability to talk through each of the 4 main styles as well as the practical debriefing example.
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