Open 360 Feedback 

Open 360 Feedback is a highly flexible assessment tool

Open 360 Feedback is used to measure skills, competencies or behaviours of an individual. It commonly combines an individual’s self-assessment and feedback from peers and management, into one report.  Ideal to use in performance appraisals, and employee and leadership team evaluations. 

Results are usually presented anonymously on an individual, a team or division, or at an organisational level but can also be used for open and transparent dialogue to occur - usually with the assistance of a trained facilitator.

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Open 360 Feedback tool

Common uses for Open 360 Feedback

  • Employee development
  • Performance appraisals 
  • Performance management
  • Team performance evaluations
  • Training needs identification
  • Performance evaluations 
  • Leadership development
  • Skills development 

What does an Open 360 report look like?

Benefits of using Open 360 Feedback:               

  • Increased self awareness
  • Idenfication of problem areas
  • Self-perception vs reality (blind spots)
  • Identify training needs 
  • Improved communication between management and employees
  • Professional development
  • Skills development
  • Compare feedback from year to year to see development 


Open 360 Feedback Questionnaire samples:

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HR Practitioners and Consultants. Learn how to create your own customised Open 360 questionnaire and debrief it with your clients, in just one day. Add incredible value to your consulting toolbox with FinxS Open 360 Feedback tools, join our Open 360 Masterclass.

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