FAQ - Extended DISC Theory

What is Extended DISC®?

Extended DISC® is the methodology behind our behavioural assessments. Extended DISC® helps to increase self-awareness and better understand behavioural styles of other people.

The DISC model was created by William Moulton Marston 100 years ago andidentifies four behavioural styles; D-Style (Dominance), I-Style (Influence), S-Style (Steadiness), and C-Style (Compliance).

What is a Psychometric Assessment?

Also known as Psychometric Test or Behavioural Assessment is used to identify and measure candidates, mental capabilities such as IQ or Logic, and behavioural style i.e. introvert or extrovert.They are also used to measure a candidate’s suitability for a role based on their cognitive abilities and behavioural styles.

Is your Psychometric Assessment the same as a Myers-Briggs?

Our Psychometric Assessments are similar to Myers Briggs as they are both based on the four quadrant model of human behaviour.

The difference is that Extended DISC® recognises and reports on 160 different styles (Myers Briggs reports on just 16 styles) and therefore delves deeper into an individual's natural behavioural style. Clients worldwide describe Extended DISC®as more comprehensive than most competitors’ offerings. Our products also use a different descriptive language and graphics to describe the results which our clients find simple to read and relate to.

The web application, FinxS that clients use to administer their assessments is highly flexible. Reports can be customised to the specific requirements of clients. You can select appropriate competencies (taken from an available database of over 1500) in designing reports that are tailored to measure behaviours that really matter to the job role. You can also request results to be matched against others in Multi-person or Team Reports as well as brand the reports (and answering website) to reflect the look and feel of your own business.

The FinxS web application is continually updated, ensuring the reporting capabilities keep up with the current psychometric assessment demands of industries and businesses.

We use SHL (or Hogan or MBTI). Why should we change?

The three products mentioned in this question are all reliable and well tested systems, however, some have been around for many years without significant development – something that has been an essential policy for Extended DISC®. The web application, FinxS provides unrivalled flexibility enabling you to design your own reports to your specific requirements and to administer your client database.

I did an EDISC today and it took a whole minute to be returned. They are getting slower…just kidding.
Life Care Consultants Tim Norman - Operations Manager
There are many good assessment tools on the market for use in coaching and leadership development—Extended DISC® is just more effective.
The Global Coaching Network, Inc. Jerold V. Tucker - Principal
I loved the new look training images and presentation.
Jenne von Pein - Commercial Manager