FAQ - Extended DISC Products

What is an Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis?

The Extended DISC® Work Pair is an analysis that combines the results of two Behavioural Assessments. It compares the two people and helps them to learn more about themselves by giving practical ideas regarding how to improve their efficiency when working together.

What is an Extended DISC®Team Analysis?

A Team Analysis is one report that combines individual data for an unlimited amount of people. Information is displayed in the form of a name map and shotgun/flexibility diamonds. The report is used to enhance relationships and the effectiveness of a team.

What is a Job Template?

This user friendly tool enables you to compare a person’s natural behavioural style to important job requirements. Simply draw on the extensive resource in the system of over 1500 competencies, to build your own Job Template. Use the template to measure specific requirements of a role you are looking to fill, identify future leaders or for performance management purposes. The Job Template also allows you to compare multiple individuals against your requirements in the one result.

Job templates are ideal for recruitment, personal development, coaching, development of staff and organisational development.

What is Open Preview?

Open preview is function in the FinxS web application that allows you to view measure multiple candidates against one competency, Job Template or system graphic at a time, for a snapshot of further insights. This is all completed online.

What is an Open 360 Review?

An Open 360 is a questionnaire that obtains feedback from multi employees about issues such as communication, and leadership. A feedback questionnaire is used primarily for performance assessment it can also be used as a great coaching and leadership development tool.

What is an Extended DISC® Survey?

A survey is a large, customisable and highly flexible questionnaire for feedback on: products, performance, training, employee engagement and organisational climate.

What is an Extended DISC® Reasoning Analysis?

A Reasoning Analysis is similar to an IQ test; it obtains a big picture analysis of an individual’s thinking processes including: abstract, logical process, spatial and numerical reasoning and social context.

What is a Behavioral Competency?

Competencies are the specific behaviors employers look for in their employees. Documented competencies help employers to identify and communicate key attributes their organisations need to be more effective and successful.

In measuring employee performance, employers often review individual performance of the desired and, in some cases, undesired competencies associated with a position. Measuring competencies can help employees understand what they are doing well and areas for improvement. Competencies tend to provide the framework of a position. Furthermore, they can assist in a constructive discussion about what it takes to be successful in that position. There are over 1500 Behavioural Competencies to choose from in FinxS, and they are continually being updated.

Besides using competencies to help evaluate employees, organisations can use them in recruiting, determining compensation and making effective decisions about training direction and advancements.

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