FAQ - Becoming an Affiliate

What benefits are there in becoming an Authorised Reseller of your products?

Add value to your toolbox by becoming one of our successful Authorised Resellers. You may be an entrepreneur or someone looking for a great start-up business option, HR Profiling Solutions provides its Authorised Resellers with a unique entrepreneurial opportunity.

Resellers are independent contractors, making their own business decisions, choosing their own locations and hiring their own staff if they want to further grow their business.

Authorised Resellers can provide Extended DISC®and / or FinxS solutions to companies, government agencies and non-profit organisations of all sizes. It’s not a franchise (Resellers don’t have exclusive rights in one area and are free to sell anywhere in the world) and there are no royalty, licencing or start up fees. However, you get many of the same benefits of a franchise including on-going support and expertise. You can earn significant income while enjoying the freedom and independence of running your own business.

How do I become an Authorised Reseller?

HR Profiling Solutions is the authorised distributor of Extended DISC®and FinxS products for Australasia. There is however, plenty of opportunity to become one of our business affiliates and resell our fantastic product line to your own clients as part of your product and service offering.

This is how the process works: Instead of buying a number of reports you purchase points. Points allow usage of any of our reports (which all have different point values). Most Resellers purchase points (there are discounts for volume) and place them ‘in storage’ and then re-sell these points throughout the months. You can buy ahead of time, each month or as you go. Everything is done online, 24/7.

We provide you with a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) and supply you with points at Resellers’ rates (that have a price reduction due to volume purchased). This provides you with the opportunity to generate a profitable income. You are given access to the FinxS operating and administration system and administer your own client base. Here you can also give added value to your clients in learning to use the highly flexible FinxS software (particularly the Report Designer function) to design reports to the precise requirements of your clients.

We make it easy for you with technical FinxS training videos available 24/7 on our website, support in marketing the products, and friendly phone support if required.


It’s almost like giving your team member a chance to tell you what type of a person they are and what they want from the job.
Virtunet Martin J Kosasih - Operations and Service Delivery Manager
...the first thing we do when we start working with a company is to profile the leadership team and use this information to enhance their personal and group effectiveness.
RESULTS.com Stephen Lynch - Chief Operating Officer, Global Operations
...extremely useful for extending self-knowledge, highlighting areas for development, exploring communication and conflict, enhancing team dynamics and improving relationships with clients and each other.
Pathways to Performance Katherin Coster - Senior Consultant