FAQ - About our Extended DISC Questionnaire

Can I do a one off Psychometric Assessment?

Yes you can do a one-off psychometric assessment!

This is great for personal use and will help you see the depth of our Behavioural Assessments. Keep in mind that we offer a discounted rate if you purchase more than 10 reports (you can get your nearest and dearest to do an assessment; trial it on one of your teams at work; utilise it for your sports team etc.)

Simply contact us toll free on 1800 764 432 (AUS) or 0800 333 668 (NZ). We will provide you with an access code and you're underway.

Can I manipulate the answering of the questionnaire?

It is very difficult to manipulate the Extended DISC® system. It has a built in validation process that generally identifies situations where the questionnaire has been manipulated. For someone with an in depth knowledge of the four quadrant model, this could be possible, but in an interview, this should become evident. It is very unusual for reports to be produced that have been deliberately manipulated without detection as we have other means of identifying these situations. These are explained further in our training programmes.

Can the questionnaire be done on paper?

Yes it can! However, in order to produce the report, answers need to be entered manually in the FinxS web application by the consultant, manager or client at some point.

Can I use any web browser to do the questionnaire?

We advise using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer versions 10 or above as your preferred browser. If you use another browser, the questionnaire will not be accessible.

How long does the questionnaire take?

The online behavioural questionnaire will take about 10 - 12 minutes. Respondents should answer questions with their first, most spontaneous response. The question and possible responses should be read an understood before an answer is chosen. However, it is also necessary to answer using your most intuitive response.

Upon completion, it only takes a matter of minutes for the results to be sent to the intended recipient. The other questionnaires in FinxS (i.e. Reasoning Analysis, Open 360 and Surveys) can take longer to answer, again the responses once completed only take minutes to appear in an inbox so you can quickly take the next steps and decide on the best course of action going forward.

Why is my Password not working?

We recommend to double check that no extra spaces have been added, and that zeros and the letter O have not been confused. Passwords are case sensitive, check that Caps Lock is off and you have put capitals in the correct places.

Try CUT and PASTE to avoid spelling or typing errors.

Feel free to call our office if you still have problems.

Is the Questionnaire Accurate?

Extended DISC®International publishes a validation study every two years. It shows a remarkable consistency in results. In an independent study completed by the University of Oulu, concluded that there was no significant statistical difference between the report results of individuals who completed the Extended DISC®questionnaire twice (within a 3 – 24 month time frame)*

The successful use of psychometric assessments globally, and the increasing demand for them in the workplace, attests to their usefulness and accuracy in determining behaviours that have a measurable effect on job performance.

*Based on a sample of 124 individuals. Statistics taken from the Extended DISC®Personal Analysis Validation Report 2013)

It’s almost like giving your team member a chance to tell you what type of a person they are and what they want from the job.
Virtunet Martin J Kosasih - Operations and Service Delivery Manager
Well done! Great facilitator. I enjoyed being able to view and understand real profiles. Assessing my own EDISC was both reinforcing and enlightening.
Eugene Moreau - Business Facilitator
I of course deal with many suppliers and can safely say none of which are as responsive, accommodating and just purely helpful as you guys. It really is a pleasure working with you.
John Lane-Smith