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Extended DISC psychometric

Tools that change how staff communicate, behave and work together.

Used the world over Extended DISC® is an online psychometric questionnaire developed to extend our understanding of human behaviour. By taking profiling further, Extended DISC® is used to maximise staff development. 

Reports are easy-to-read, reliable and give new insights into an individual or a team.


Confident Recruiting

Improve your hiring decisions by identifying the most suitable candidates through initial employee testing. Increase your business productivity by placing the BEST person within the right job using individual behavioural analysis as an essential tool.

Develop Individuals and Teams

Reduce staff turnover by identifying employees who are losing motivation or are unhappy. Keep staff motivated by identifying what drives each employee and improve existing team dynamics by understanding each others' styles, ways of working and communicating.


Cost Effective

Avoid those costly hiring mistakes by making decisions based on real people data and not on glorified CVs!  


Simple to use

Extended DISC® is an online questionnaire accessed via a website link.  Simply send the link to respondents and they can be answering questions within minutes of you setting up your account.

Used Worldwide

Extended DISC® is a renowned psychometric assessment tool used successfully in modern businesses around the globe.

You are in Control

Result are fast and easy to view and administer with your own admin account. 
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Extended DISC®  Assessment Tools

Find the right tool for the right job to make your business perform better.

Personal Analysis

An online psychometric self-assessment test designed to identify an individual's behavioural style including their motivators, strengths and development areas.

Learn about Personal Analysis

Work Pair Analysis

As the name suggests, this online tool is designed to get two individuals working better together.  Work out their strengths and weaknesses, resolve conflicts and issues.

Learn about Work Pair Analysis

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