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Improve Sales Performance with Extended DISC

Selling is easy for some people and difficult for others. Knowing exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are, as individuals and as a team, is important. This helps to maintain great team spirit and also good customer relationships. Extended DISC© Sales Tests (also known as psychometric tests or behavioural profiles), identify the needs and risks early, allowing you to take the right development action.

What is your Sales Personality?

What type of Selling is Required by your Organisation?

Some products require specialist knowledge, some roles require cold calling, while others require more of a personal touch. Every organisation has a specific need for a different approach and some may even require a variety of sales methods. Different behavioural traits might be a best fit for particular industries. Therefore, understanding the required behaviours enhances the chance of success.

DISC psychometric tests allow you to hire the best candidate, who's behavioural style is most suited to your job role and organisational goals. This will save time and money on training skills to those who do not naturally fit your job role. 

Increase your sales performance and uncover your current team's greatest opportunities for development. Utilise DISC psychometric tests to identify gaps in your current sales performance and adjust current team members responsibilities to enhance sales motivation and performance. 

Why do some Sales People Perform and Others Struggle? 

Select from the Sales & Service© assessment tools to identify an individual’s natural selling style. It may not be obvious to management that a sales person is working outside their comfort zone. When sales are easy emotional issues tend to stay hidden, but when times are tough stress related issues can surface. By then it is often too late and you could lose a valuable employee.

Add DISC Behavioural Profiles to your Sales Performance Management process and ensure your sales people are motivated and placed in the best sales roles to dramatically icnrease your sales performance. 

Sales Benefits with DISC Psychometric Tests

  • Identify your preferred Sales Role
  • Identify your clients behavioural style 
  • Learn how to communicate with and sell to the different styles
  • Learn how to read prospects and clients behaviour to better understand them
  • Learn how to adjust your sales style to achieve your goals

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