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Can Psychometrics be used in the Employment Process? 

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Can Psychometrics be used in the Employment Process?

Yes, absolutely! Psychometric Profiles are exceptionally beneifical for evaluating job fit and understanding how an individual will fit with and impact your team (before they are even introduced!). Profiling a potential candidate through the use of psychometric tests, gives you the ability to obtain a clear understanding of an individual’s natural behavioural style and the types of tasks and activities they will feel comfortable undertaking. This is hugely valuable when evaluating job fit for a role, during the screening part of the employment process.

DISC Profiles can be used in all areas of recruitment including:

  • Screening potential candidates 
  • Identifying those candidates who match job requirements
  • On-boarding and training
  • Learning and development

How are DISC Assessments used in Recruitment?

That ‘gut feeling’ alone is not enough to ensure you employ the most suitable candidate for a role. We all know that a candidate can present at an interview in the way they feel is most relevant for the job, as they ‘sell themselves’ to you. But the reality can be very different. Extended DISC® Assessments will empower you to make an informed selection by the addition of Recruitment Assessments to your HR toolkit.

Features such as Job Templates can help to highlight candidates who score highly against selected job competencies.

DISC tests for recruitment can also assist with the On-Boarding Process and allow you to recognise a candidate's learning style as well as their preferred job content.

What is the Benefit of DISC Tools?

Using DISC Assessments in the employment process can increase the job satisfaction of employees and retention rate of new recruits.

DISC tools can also significantly decrease the cost of hiring. This is exemplified by the Jack Altman, the CEO of Lattice who suggests "a company with over 150 employees, and an 11% annual turnover, that spends approximately $25k to hire one person, and spends $10k on each of turnover and development, and loses $50k of productivity opportunity cost on average when re-recruiting a role" would have an annual cost of turnover of about $1.57 million.

Hiring Process

The Huffington Post also claim that "reducing this by just 20%, for example, would immediately yield over $300k in value."

DISC Profiles can significantly decrease this cost. A client of our Polish Franchise Partner noted that 50% of candidates did not continue work after a 3 month trial period. However, after completing Extended DISC test, only 22% of candidates did not continue work after 3 months trial period.

How can I find out more?

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