DISC Assessments for Leadership

Which DISC Leadership Style are you?

DISC Leadership Styles

(Extended DISC Leadership Styles)

Achieve Results through and with your People

The DISC Leadership Assessments provide you with the tools to:

  • improve interactions with others
  • motivate your team members
  • cultivate effective working relationships
  • build a balanced team
  • produce outcomes that meet targets, satisfy customers and meet your management’s objectives

Through a developed understanding your own individual DISC leadership type and the styles of others, leaders can better adjust their style to work effectively with their team members and other co-workers.

What is your company currently doing to develop its leaders?

More than one in five companies (21 percent) have no leadership development strategies in place.

Leadership coaching is important as it improves bottom line performance, boots employee engagement and retention, drives strategy execution and builds camaraderie amongst your current and future leadership teams.

Each leader has their natural leadership behavioural skills and personality strengths that have been developed over their working life. DISC Assessments will help leaders to identify, evaluate and utilise these strengths to assist them in a leadership development programme.

Why use DISC Assessments for LeadershipTeam Leader with team members

Leaders are found at all levels of an organisation. The challenge is to develop them to make them more effective in an organisation.

The first step in leadership development is to take a personality or behavioural style test to increase your self-awareness and determine your preferred  leadership style. Identify if your natural approach is to ask your team for their opinions, provide sufficient detail when delegating or keeping a positive atmosphere. Personality tests such as DISC Tests will help you gain considerable insight
into your preferred leadership approach.

Unsure what your natural approach is leadership is? Take a DISC Leadership Assessment!

DISC Leadership profiles (also known as psychometric tests or personality tests) can help leaders identify and evaluate their natural leadership style and how this impacts others. Each leader is unique with their own strengths and development areas. The individuals they are leading also have their own behavioural style and expectations too. Therefore, different situations require different interactions and behaviours - it's called adaptive leadership!

Leadership is Situational

Leadership is situational and should be adapted for a particular situation such as employee skill set, attitude and behavioural style. In order to make the necessary adjustments you first need to identify your natural Leadership style.

Companies need their leaders to be flexible in the increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global marketplace. Leaders who know their natural leadership style will understand exactly how they need to adapt their style to suit any different situation. With this information your leaders can skillfully influence throughout the organisation.

There is no 'ideal' or 'best' Leadership Style. "Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating." - Simon Sinek.

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