D Style

The D-style profile, also known as Dominance or D type, is one of the 4 the DISC types that originated from the William Marston’s DISC Model. D-styles make up approximately 12% of the worldwide population.

How to Identify 'D' Styles

  • Says what they think, shows their feelings
  • Communication goes only one way - from them
  • Impatient listener or may not listen at all
  • Own opinions are told as facts
  • Allows little discussion on decisions & topics
  • Very little small talk - focus is on results and big picture
  • Assumes control of the conversation
  • May interrupt frequently
  • Thinks “How this can benefit me?” “What’s the bottom line?”
Celebrity D Styles: Russell Crowe and Helen Clarke (NZ Prime Minister 1999 - 2008)

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