C Style

How to Identify 'C' Styles

  • Prefers written communication
  • Masters details but often loses the essentials
  • Tends to avoid conflict
  • Doesn’t like talking about opinions or abstract matters
  • Likes to discuss issues substantiated by facts and proof – refers to rules
  • Doesn’t order people around
  • Tends to be comfortable with silences
  • Needs time to think
  • Has difficulty if information is not presented logically.
  • Can get hung up on the details.
  • Critical. Looks for errors.
  • Attentive if interested. Very eager to learn.
  • Asks a lot of questions to determine genuine facts.
  • Doesn’t provide much feedback.
Celebrity C Styles: Clint Eastwood and John Howard (AUS Prime Minister 1996 - 2007)

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