FAQ - Applications of Extended DISC


Who are your major clients?

Our assessments are applicable in many areas. Our primary clients are Recruitment Consultants, Human Resource Consultants and Practitioners, Management Consultants, Employers (large and small businesses), Trainers and Coaches.

We also provide our assessment tools to professional firms (accountants and lawyers), small business owners, universities, training organisations, sports teams and local and Government Departments.

What are your products used for?

Clients have used our tools successfully in a number of ways; from recruitment, mergers, personal development, leadership development, improving communication, identifying emotional issues and even in matching prospective romantic couples!

For more in depth information please download the brochure below.

Applications for Extended DISC and FinxS Applications for Extended DISC and FinxS (1015 KB)

What type of Assessment should I use?

We are committed to providing the best tools for you and your business. So we can provide you with the solution that meets your specific needs, it would be great to discuss the many options with you and ask how we can set you up with the assessment tools that serve your purposes.

The FinxS Platform enables you to design reports to the specific requirements of clients. We provide Standard Assessments for easy and instant use, but highly accurate and focused reports - that answer directly to the specific needs of an organisation.

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... I was curious, but sceptical of the claim made by the practitioners of the Extended DISC® that I could so quickly be supplied with useful information about myself and my team. To my surprise and delight they delivered on their promise. . . and then some.
St. Vincent Hospitals and Health Care David J. Llewellyn - Organizational Development Consultant
Being new to Extended DISC profiling, I found the Accredited training to be very informative! I see the profiling suite as having huge potential in our business, especially in terms of team reporting.
Tradestaff Sue Harrison - National HR Manager
I found the 2 day session just right in terms of content and the pace. It had a good balance of theory and practical workshop type exercises.
McGregor Bailey Roshan Fernando - Business Manager