Being new to Extended DISC profiling, I found the Accredited training to be very informative! I see the profiling suite as having huge potential in our business, especially in terms of team reporting.

Tradestaff Sue Harrison - National HR Manager

A number of members of our consulting and training group, including myself, are certified and have experience with many tools, such as MBTI, HBDI, SYMLOG.

When we were introduced to Extended DISC®, we were so impressed that we made it the primary tool in our consulting and training. Extended DISC® is the easiest to learn, the most user-friendly, the most versatile, and enjoys wider applications for doing personal analysis, team analysis, and organizational analysis.

University Associates, Inc. Jack L. Knight - President/CEO

I’d like to thank you and your team for the support you’ve given me through the team analysis. Doing Extended DISC allows us to better understand our team, the results has been very accurate as it conveys each person’s answers. It’s almost like giving your team member a chance to tell you what type of a person they are and what they want from the job.

Virtunet Martin J Kosasih - Operations and Service Delivery Manager

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