Results.com has been using the Extended Disc profile systems for several years now. The profiling systems & reports are being used as part of our internal business activity as well as the work we undertake with our clients across New Zealand and now internationally. The Extended DISC processes are used in a range of ways: 

  • In our own recruiting, we understand the need to ensure that 'fit' is the most critical aspect of any recruiting exercise and the DISC profile is an invaluable tool that is used as part of this activity.

  • Whenever we work with our clients it is absolutely critical that both parties understand each other’s behaviours to ensure the relationship works effectively, so for all clients the report is completed.

  • For many clients simply executing the findings from having such things as team analysis completed does bring significant benefits for business success. We have many clients who have made significant improvements solely from the use of Extended DISC.

We recommend that every business utilise some form of behavioural profiling tool…in our case this is the tool that has worked so well for us from the many we have tested.


RESULTS.com have been using and recommending Extended DISC behavioural profiling tools to our clients for many years. In fact, the first thing we do when we start working with a company is to profile the leadership team and use this information to enhance their personal and group effectiveness. Clyde Colson and the team at Extended DISC give us great service. They provide regular training updates for our staff, and are always willing to take a phone call when we have "unusual" profiles that need a deeper explanation. Clyde is a true gentleman in every sense of the word and I always enjoy my interactions with him.

RESULTS.com Stephen Lynch - Chief Operating Officer, Global Operations

Recruiting, retaining and motivating great teams, is the key to success this century and you need great tools and partners to do this. Extended DISC is one of the best profiling tools and partner that any senior manager can use to stay ahead in today’s fast paced rapidly changing business world. Extended DISC has provided our clients a profiling system that is easy to use, effective and you can understand without needing a degree in psychology.

Selling Strategies International Australia Rob Hartnett - CEO

I simply love this system!

Sensormatic Lisa Turner - Director, HR

Outstanding from a position of unfamiliarity with EDISC, I now feel confident in using the tool in my consulting practice.  Becky is an amazing instructor with expert knowledge in how to use EDISC.  As an experience facilitator myself, I rate Becky as one of the best facilitators I've come across. 

Shine People Consulting Denise Hartley-Wilkins

What I most enjoyed about the 2-day Accreditation Training course was learning and working on understanding the special cases, and sharing stories with the others around the table.

SMS Consulting Sharon Searle

As a devotee of the Myers-Briggs I was curious, but sceptical of the claim made by the practitioners of the Extended DISC® that I could so quickly be supplied with useful information about myself and my team. To my surprise and delight they delivered on their promise. . . and then some.

St. Vincent Hospitals and Health Care David J. Llewellyn - Organizational Development Consultant

At The Co-operative Bank we have used Extended DISC with our full sales leadership team. We’ve found it an extremely useful tool to understand the make-up of our teams, the different strengths each person brings to the team, development opportunities for individuals, and how to work more effectively together. For many, working through the Extended DISC profiles has been an ‘ah-ha’ moment in terms of better understanding both themselves and their work colleagues. This has enabled more effective working relationships, and a better understanding of what drives each individual in a team.

We’re maximising the benefit of Extended DISC by sharing the profiles openly across our teams, and agreeing actions to better leverage each individuals’ strengths and work on enhancing capability in skills that come less naturally to the individual.

Going through the process has been FUN! 

The Co-operative Bank David Cunningham - GM Customer Banking (now CEO)

There are many good assessment tools on the market for use in coaching and leadership development—Extended DISC® is just more effective.

The Global Coaching Network, Inc. Jerold V. Tucker - Principal

Extended DISC® has continually exceeded our expectations during the years. Having these tools allows us to be more effective with our clients, which ultimately saves them both time and money.

TMI, Inc. Brent Strehlow - President

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