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Jukka Sappinen

The me you met at your recent training is very different to the me even a year ago. I struggled to speak in public and barely spoke up in a meeting unless I was asked a specific question – and even then it was an extremely painful experience for me. I have done a great many things to start overcoming this behaviour and have been very successful and there is still much ground I need to cover.

Now is the first time in my life that I am doing what I really and truly enjoy – I absolutely love the personal insights Extended DISC gives you.

Inner You Hulya Kazanaksu - Human Behaviour Specialist

 I did an EDISC today and it took a whole minute to be returned! They are getting slower…just kidding.

Life Care Consultants Tim Norman - Operations Manager

Thanks for the chance of trialing the Extended DISC profile. We were amazed at its accuracy even though your online software only asked a very limited number of questions. We are interested in giving our clients access to this tool. Some of my clients’ challenges are employing people and leading a team. On initial inspection the Extended DISC appears to be suitable for assisting them directly with these challenges. It certainly fits in with the frame work of our education process.

Mardon International Perry Mardon

I found the 2 day session just right in terms of content and the pace. It had a good balance of theory and practical workshop type exercises.

Further, your background in psychology and your story telling based approach to teaching was very effective.

McGregor Bailey Roshan Fernando - Business Manager

As business consults Non Executive Management (NEM) had been using DISC for some time as a means of helping clients understand the temporal styles of their people. Extended DISC is a far more revealing tool and the on-line questionnaire method is easy and quick for people to use. We have found that Extended DISC has provided business owners and managers with insights to their people that they would not normally have as well being an extremely useful tool to assist in the recruiting of new staff – much easier to put ‘a square peg in a square hole’.

The team at Extended DISC are readily available and eager to assist with any questions that we have from time to time, and the monthly newsletter is both topical, informative and the right balance between theory and case study.

Non-executive Management Glenn Mansfield - Principal

In the Introductory course, we really enjoyed the examples of people and the ability to talk through each of the 4 main styles as well as the practical debriefing example.

NZ Cricket

The team at Extended DISC have been supplying us with Extended DISC for many years now. (The assessments) provide clients with positive information that is well beyond the scope of basic DISC. Clients have been very satisfied with the instruments, finding them extremely useful for extending self-knowledge, highlighting areas for development, exploring communication and conflict, enhancing team dynamics and improving relationships with clients and each other. 

The benefit for us is repeat business with satisfied clients and referrals to their networks.

The team at Extended DISC are extremely helpful and efficient. Nothing is too much trouble, they are always on the front foot in considering our needs, newsletters provide ideas on how to move product and the turnaround time on all requests is minimal. I find them an excellent partner in business and a pleasure to work with.

Pathways to Performance Katherin Coster - Senior Consultant

The versatility of the Extended DISC® tool to create instant reports on team dynamics and work pairs with no need for additional data input or participant surveying is another reason this is our DISC product of choice.

Pfizer, Inc. Ashley Miles - Director, Worldwide Learning and Development

I have been partnering with HR Profiling Solutions (formerly Extended DISC Australasia) over the last 2 years and working across several major projects, we have successfully completed nearly 1000 online personal analysis profiles. At all times, I have found the systems easy to use, reliable and the proactive and personal service I have received to be exceptional. I have been contacted regularly to ensure my satisfaction and on the rare occasion where I needed additional support, it was provided immediately in a friendly, professional and courteous manner. 

Profitable Connections Craig Leaney - Managing Director

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