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Versatile, user friendly psychometric tools empowering you and your clients to get the best from people, improve performance and your bottom line.

HR Profiling Solutions is the Master Distributor of Extended DISC® and FinxS Psychometric Reports, Reasoning Analysis, Open 360s and Surveys in Australasia. We work with Suppliers, Consultants, Trainers and Organisations (End Users).

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Benefits of becoming an authorised supplier:


No franchise, no one geographical area - sell our psychometric tests anywhere in the world


Toll free telephone and customer service for our psychometric tests at no cost throughout Australia and New Zealand


Get training programmes ranging from introductory training through to accreditation and to Master Trainer / Advanced Consultant status. Once at Master Trainer status you are free to conduct your own accreditation training programmes providing yet another income stream using our psychometric tests


Regular webinars at no cost, keeping you updated of the continuing development of Extended DISC®  and FinxS psychometric tests and methodology

  • Become an independent supplier of one of the world's most advanced and fastest growing psychometric testing systems
  • You make your own decisions, choosing your own locations and staff to grow your business
  • No "start-up" fees, licences or royalties payable
  • There are no contining contractual obligations
  • Solutions / products are supplied at wholesale prices
  • More freedom, better work/life balance and an opportunity to build your own business
  • Consultants already involved in the HR sector would especially benefit
  • Competitive margins available enable suppliers to establish their own selling price and build their own client base
  • Great partner-like relationship, generating signficant income in the process
  • Stability as Extended DISC® Australasia, now HR Profiling Solutions Ltd, has been operating for over 15 years. HR Profiling Solutions' products are well validated
  • We offer a free psychometric test (obligation free) to interested suppliers so you can make your own assessment of the product's commerical potential



In the pre-employment candidate screening and selection process, quick and comprehensive online psychometric assessments make the process of finding the right candidate for the job role faster and easier. Getting the fit right from the start, saves both time and money. Instead of hiring and rehiring or spending time dealing with motivation and performance issues, employers can create a happy workforce through the selection of candidates whose behavioural style suits specific roles.


  • Find the best long-term candidate fit for your job vacancy

  • Help identify strengths & weaknesses

  • Uncover conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns

  • Learn what the best role is for a person

  • Understand team role and dynamics

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

People ARE your most valuable resource so it pays to know what makes them ‘tick’. People can excel at work when motivated; able to exercise their natural behavioural strengths in a team role; are working in an environment that complements and supports their development; and are able to access accurate performance feedback.

We can help answer your questions

  • We want to promote someone to a management position but are not sure if they can manage the demands of the new role?
  • Every day I'm being pushed out of my comfort zone and I am feeling really stretched. How do I know what job would suit me better?
  • The Branch Manager is very knowledgeable but all his subordinates are complaining about his lack of ‘people skills’. What can we do?
  • I have an excellent team and want to build upon it’s success. How do I do this?

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Identifying leaders is an important process to ensure the future growth and success of any organisation. 

Find out whether you've made the right hire and if they are in the best role.

Globally, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how natural and learnt behavioural styles can determine the success or otherwise of an individual. It’s not just about pre-requisite qualifications and suitable experience.  


Searching for leaders in the right place, using psychometric assessments in the initial selection of candidates is now seen as essential business practice. Investing in training and development of current staff into leadership roles often make the most sense. Using accurate, focused psychometric behavioural-based assessments to make those decisions can lead to the greatest success.

  • Help identify strength & weaknesses

  • Uncover unconscious patterns

  • Learn about best role fit for a person 

Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Change can be challenging and difficult in the business environment. A crucial and increasing important aspect to achieving your oganisation's strategic goals, is change that involves people - either directly or indirectly.

You need concrete, accurate data to support your decision-making on and targeted feedback on the issues that most affect your people and ultimately your bottom line.
Whether you are a small organisation looking for an overview of how your people are functioning together, or a large multi-level, multi-national looking to collect and analyse data from hundreds of sources – we have the tools for you.


Find out more about your current HR resources and what the ultimate role for them is in your new-look organisation.

  • Help identify strengths & weaknesses

  • Uncover both conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviour

  • Learn how team dynamics are affecting your organisation's performance

Team Performance

Team Performance 

Success in business is all about teamwork.  Knowing how a team performs as a group and individually is essential. Understanding strengths and areas of weakness, helps training and support.  With insight and detailed analysis of behavioural dynamics, teams can be structured in the way that best utilises each individual's natural behaviours and conflicts can be minimalised.         


Find the preferred team role for each individual.  Then analyse the team dynamics. In the initial inception of a new team, decisions can be made confidently about who will take on what role most comfortably and with the least effort, and who will need to be supported to succeed in a team role that is beyond their current comfort zone.

  • Help identify strength & weaknesses
  • Uncover conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns
  • Learn what roles are comfortable and which require development

Better Psychometric Assessments - Better for Business

psychometric assessments FinxS

FinxS is the consultant's psychometric profiling tool of choice. It is more flexible in both format and content than any other psychometric profiling tool. Individual assessments can be tailored specifically, with a choice of over 1000 behavioural competencies. Leaving the consultant in total control and able to meet their clients needs precisely.  

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Extended DISC psychometric test

With millions of Extended DISC® psychometric tests performed across the world, this renowed psychometric profiling tool provides businesses with real solutions to their human resource issues.  Easy to use, comprehensive and accurate, Extended DISC® is tried and tested - and provides a great psychometric tool for managers, consultants, coaches, HR teams and business development specialists.

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employee feedback customer feedback

If you want to measure particular areas in a business, or are looking for current customer feedback that you can react to quickly, then Real Time Measure could be your instant solution.  This online tool gathers feedback from customers and/or employees to give you a fast snap shot of what's going on in easy-to-understand graphic format.